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Why Cats prefer to drink Flowing Water?

As a cat owner, you’ve probably noticed your cat loves drinking running water - whether it be from the toilet bowl or the tap. In fact, some cats will drink water from anywhere but their own perfectly good water bowls.

Water is important to cats but most cats don’t drink enough. Lack of water can cause a myriad of health problems for indoor, domesticated cats, including urinary tract and kidney diseases.

So how can you get your cat to drink more water? A CAT WATER FOUNTAIN is the answer and here’s why...


Cats love moving water

We all know to stay away from stagnant water because it grows bacteria that can make us sick. This is the same for your furry friends. Flowing water appeals to most cats, as moving water instinctively is more likely to be clean. Cats can also see moving objects better than still ones. Cats love Water Fountains because they are attracted to the moving water, which encourages drinking.


Cats hate smelly water

Cats have an amazing sense of smell. They can smell bacteria growing in their stagnant water and even the chemicals in tap water. If something smells off, cats will avoid it. Cats love the freshness of water from a Water Fountain. Water Fountains come with at least one form of filtration removing dust, dirt, sediment and other things that can make the water smell odd. The filtered water from a Water Fountain also has a better, improved taste compared to tap water.


Cats are attracted to sounds

Like many other animals, cats can hear flowing water and are attracted to it. In the wild, hearing it is a great way to locate it. Your cat can hear the sound of trickling water in a Water Fountain, and is immediately drawn to it, again encouraging your cat to drink.


Cats Like cold water

Do you like drinking water that has been sitting in the sun all day? No? Well neither does your cat. Like you, they don’t find warm water very appetizing. When cats drink, it’s very important that they have fresh, cold water, otherwise they will still feel thirsty. Unlike us, they won’t keep drinking, instead they’ll wait until their water is changed. Cat water fountains serve cold water, so your cat will drink cold water all day and not go thirsty.


Cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched

Your cat’s whiskers are incredibly sensitive and provide them with information about the space around them. Some cats become stressed when their whiskers are being touched without a good reason, like when drinking from a bowl that’s too deep. This condition is known as whisker stress or whisker fatigue. Most Water Fountains are designed to keep your cat’s whiskers untouched for a comfortable, stress-free drinking experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your feline friend a Rellaty drinking fountain today! 

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