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Green Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

Green Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain

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Introducing the Green Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain from Rellaty. This innovative fountain is made of premium 304 stainless steel, making it corrosion-resistant and able to withstand high-temperature cleaning. With a capacity of 108oz/3.2L, it can keep your pet hydrated for up to 7 days, so you can spend more time playing with your furry friends and less time worrying about refills.

The double water flow design replicates the natural preference of pets for drinking flowing water, which not only makes water fresher and better tasting, but also helps prevent dehydration and urinary tract infections. The fountain also features a quadruple filtration system with an activated carbon filter to remove odor and soften water, and a filter sponge to capture pet hair, dirt, and food particles. Plus, the 5V ultra-silent pump runs at an ultra-quiet ≤30dB, so your pet can drink in peace.

The Green Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain is easy to disassemble and clean, and Rellaty offers an 18-month warranty service. Get your pet the fresh water they need with this innovative fountain from Rellaty.

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    I have two female cats who are sisters. they love to spill there regular water bowl to keep the other one from getting any. with this fountain it helps to not only get them to drink more water but also helps to make sure they do not knock over the bowl!!

  • Holds a ton of water and easy to clean

    Works perfectly, holds a decent amount of water, so I’m not constantly refilling, their water bowls… Fairly quiet as well!

  • Looks very nice and is quiet

    This water fountain looks very nice and having the 2 modes of bubbling water or using the stem for a spigot like flow is great. Unfortunately my cat seems to be strange one and prefers standing water over flowing. However this is still a great product.